Sponsorship Program

LES - New Orleans Chapter Level Sponsorship Program for 2022-2023

The New Orleans Chapter of LES relies on fundraising programs to provide scholarships for our area’s engineering students studying in Louisiana. The Annual Golf Tournament has been our main fundraiser. Contrary to what some may think, our monthly meetings are not moneymakers. Actually they are usually break-even events for the Chapter. If you would like to help improve our programs and the scholarship fund, please consider becoming a NOLES Chapter Sponsor. Your sponsorship may be tax deductible and your organization benefits from the increased exposure to licensed engineers in our area. We have updated our sponsorship levels to better reflect the additional benefits that come with high level chapter sponsorship. We are continuing our Golf Tournament cross sponsorship for the Silver through Diamond levels.

 We have added a Diamond level and now have five (5) levels of Chapter Sponsorship:

Diamond $1,300 and above/yr.
Platinum $1,000/yr.
Gold $675/yr.
Silver $400/yr.
Bronze $200/yr.
Sponsorships are active from September of that term year through August of a given program term (e.g., September 2022 – August 2023). All levels of sponsorship will be listed on the Chapter website with click-able links (see menu bar above).
Additionally, all Sponsor levels will have their logos displayed on a rolling slideshow before every LES-New Orleans Chapter Meeting during the Program Session, organized by sponsor level, starting with Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, then Bronze Sponsor logo slides. Diamond level Sponsors will have a slide featuring their logo alone. Chapter sponsors of all levels are allowed a 4’x8′ sponsor table at our end of term May meeting event.
Golf Cross Sponsorship benefits are included for Chapter Gold and Platinum levels as follows: 
    • Chapter Silver Sponsors will receive one hole sign at the golf tournament.
    • Chapter Gold Sponsors will receive Silver benefits plus a large logo on the golf sponsor board.
    • Chapter Platinum Sponsors will receive Gold benefits plus two free players at the golf tournament.
    • Chapter Diamond Sponsors will receive Platinum benefits plus 2 additional free players at the golf tournament for a total of four and a Sponsors tent location at the tournament.

Please use the PayPal feature below to become a sponsor. Note that if you are interested in becoming a Diamond Sponsor at more than the $1,300 level, please provide a check for the sponsorship rather than using PayPal since the PayPal choices stop at $1,300. Please email Nick Musmeci, P.E. or contact any of the other Board members to arrange that.

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